wordgirl:why would you want to know who i am

person:for 7 years weve been checking your stauts and i'll tell you now you better tell me or else they'll be heck to pay! 

wordgirl:ok ill tell you at 5:30pm

at her lair

wordgirl:i dont know why theve been wanting to know since i fighted toby in 2000

at home

becky:umm thres something i want to tell you


becky:im a Digimon trainer

all exept wordgirl:woahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant beleve it


wordgirl:my real identy is becky bosford

all people:woah. that's amazing

lexcon:wordgirl why are you telling them youre identy

UFO rises and wordgirl floats

wordgirl:this is why i dont tell you i was lieing

UFO drops and a Pokemon comes out. Pokemon: i'm a Pokemon. try and catch me 

Word Girl: ok. i will she said attacking it. 

spongebob: what is that thing? 

Wordgirl: i don't know. she takes out a random Pokeball and throws it hard. 

spongebob: wow!

Wordgirl: ok. now what happens?  

spongebob: how the Fuck would i know that? 

Wordgirl:  i don't know.  she crushs the ball making sure the creature is dead

good. it's dead now.  you can't ever get it back either

Spongebob: cool. now go kill all the creatures on the ship