in the city

wordgirl:got you now dr two brains so Mcdonalds cheeseburgers survive

two brains:wait one moment before i let you get me to jail you and huggy that monkey sort of thing will go to the sea

wordgirl:what the


at bikini bottom

spongebob:hey mr krabs the krusty krab is nifty for the new krusty krab in NEW KELP CITY

mr krabs:look a water breathing superhero who are you

wordgirl:im wordgirl whats your name wait your name is mr krabs

mr krabs:yep

spongebob:how can you survive underwater

wordgirl:im powerfull

spongebob:what the



patrick:what the heck do you mean


patrick:what the heck is that guy with a brain sticking out

spongebob:i dont know

two brains:look a sponge here have these

spongebob:ooh cool

patrick:what the


at ponyville

applejack:what the hay is that

patrick:wierdos lets go home to biki bottom

spongebob:i dont know its gone so wired

meanwhile at the krusty krab

wordgirl:i dont get it i saw two brains boinging spongebob and patrick to ponyville

wordgirl:oh no those ponies attacked preety princess thingy i cant stop them cmon huggy

wordgirl:word up


patrick:im scared spongebobo

spongebob:me to me to

derpy hooves:get them

wordgirl:oh no you dont

raity:oh no its wordgirl she will attack us

spongebob draws one of them

twilight:hey thats me

spongebob rips it and tears it appart

patrick and spongebob:what the


garfield:(sighs)that lasunia truck comes 24 hours im not going to make it

spongebob:got your steaming lasina delevery

spongebob:im bored

patrick:what the


wubbzy:its wow wow wubzy thats me wubzy lives in a tree he like to play play play wow wow wow wow

patrick pukes

wubbzy:play videos and games ow ow my little arm ow ow my aother arm

wordgirl:not for long wubzy

patrick:what the


dora:cmon lets save the animal for being falling down in the sand its a emergincey

wordgirl:ok ill get it

wordgirl pushes it down

dora:sezcise her and sponge and star

wordgirl:what the


spongebob:i dont see anything

Wordgirl: look right there. it's a Krabby patty.  

spongebob: oh. i love those. 

spongebob eats it

Wordgirl: ahchoo

spongebob: oh boy. what's next? 

Wordgirl: i'm not sure

spongebob: about this then? 

spongebob takes a rope

Wordgirl: what are you doing with that rope? 

spongebob: uh it's because i need to wrangle you

Wordgirl: what the 


spongebob: wrangles Wordgirl

Wordgirl: you won't get away with this spongebob

spongebob: but i already have ha ha ha ha

Wordgirl breaks free from the rope

spongebob: not very tight are you? 

Wordgirl: that was fun. 

Wordgirl blows her nose in her cape randomly

spongebob: ewwwwww. 

Wordgirl: sorry. my nose was running. oh look. 

spongebob: now what?

Wordgirl takes an ax and slices spongebob in half 

spongebob: ha ha ha ha. you can't kill me. i'm invinceble 

Wordgirl: Fuck you then. you tied me up. 

spongebob: whoa! she swore. 

Wordgirl: diregaurd that please

spongebob: boing boing boing boing

Wordgirl: hey! boing boing