Unnamed Henchman
Unnamed Henchman
Name Unnamed Henchman
Gender Male
Occupation Henchman of Doctor Two-Brains
Alignment Bad
Homeland Fair City
Race White
Friends Dr. Two-Brains
This refers to the shorter red-capped member of Two-Brains' henchmen. He remains unnamed in the series, but acts as the speaker for Charlie.

He seems to have a great love for animals, such as kitty cats and bunny rabbits. In the episode "Shrinkin' in the Ray", he 'accidentally' used Two-Brains' growth ray on his pet bunny, Flopsy, and became sad and worried when Flopsy was too big to bring along on their next evil mission.

In A Game of Cat and Mouse, it was revealed that he actually has a full head of well-styled hair hidden under his cap.

The only time that Dr. Two-Brains called his unnamed henchman by any name was "Meatloaf", after the henchman was saying something about his mom's meatloaf in "Kids Action News". The reference appears to be sarcastic, and should not be implied to be an actual nickname.