Theodore McCallister III
Name Theodore McCallister III
A/K/A Tobey
Gender Male
Age 10
Occupation Evil Boy Genius
Alignment Villain
Homeland Fair City
Race Human
Friends Victoria Best
Family Claire McCallister (Mother)
Abilities Genius intellect, brilliant mechanical skill, able to create fifty-foot tall destructive robots
Voice Actor Patton Oswalt

Theodore McCallister III aka "Tobey" is a 10-year-old villain in WordGirl. He is voiced by the comedian/actor Patton Oswalt. He is approximately Becky Botsford's (AKA WordGirl's) age and is home schooled, though in later episodes he appears to be in Becky's school. He is a boy genius that specializes in building enormous robots, which he uses to destroy the city.  His robots seem to be mostly for destructive purposes, but they have shown a wide array of abilities, such as food-making, cabin-building, checker-playing, painting, competing in athletic events, etc.